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"Dunn School of Music is a wonderful place for students of all ages and skill levels. Our daughter Korra was 8 years old when she began piano lessons with Ms. Amy Jackson in 2011. Our other daughter Kinsey started taking piano lessons in 2013 at age 7. She has been with Ms. Courtney Raynor for the last 3 years. It has been a blessing to watch our girls have fun and flourish musically while developing a close rapport with Amy and Courtney. Both instructors have provided a unique and individualized approach to their instruction! Scott and l highly recommend DSM!"

-Tessa Altman, Coats, NC

"We appreciate the well-rounded and professional group of music instructors at Dunn School of Music. They are encouraging, flexible and always willing to meet our children's needs. All of the instructors are wonderful musicians themselves, and their love for music shines through in their instruction. Thank you, Amy Jackson, and all of the music instructors, for offering high-quality music instruction right here in Harnett County!"

-Casey & Brad Cornwell, Broadway, NC

"My son has been taking guitar lessons at Dunn School of Music. He really enjoys his time with Mr. Godwin, and he has made wonderful progress in his playing."

-Natasha Jackson, Benson, NC

"The people of Dunn are fortunate to have Dunn School of Music to meet all of their music instruction needs. Our family has found the administration to be kind, responsive to questions and accommodating to our needs. My daughter enjoys her weekly voice lessons; not only because she loves to sing, but because she really likes her instructor! It doesn't get any better than that!"

-Rhonda Stephens, Wade, NC

"Dunn School of Music is a great place for anyone of any age to learn to play an instrument, take voice lessons and appreciate the art of music. Dunn School of Music has wonderfully trained musicians of various instruments. My daughter and husband both take lessons and look forward to their lesson each week. Dunn School of Music is the best around for all of your music interest and needs."

-Melody Williams, Dunn, NC

"As a retiree, the Dunn School of Music has given me the opportunity to take music lessons (piano), which I had wanted to do for most of my life. It is a warm, inviting place where students are accepted at their own level. The instructors are excellent, down-to-earth, understanding and truly care about their students. I strongly recommend the DSOM for anyone who would like to explore or expand their musical knowledge."

-Claudia Graham, Angier, NC

"I started my daughter at DSM about 5 years ago. I knew I wanted her to learn to play the piano, and I wanted a good experience for her. I wanted her to make constant progress and to be challenged but not overwhelmed. I've known Amy a long time and knew that she would be a compassionate teacher. My daughter enjoys working with Amy. My daughter is heavily involved with sports and other extracurriculars. I appreciate that DSM is accommodating to schedule changes and offers a wide variety of instructional times throughout the week. My daughter has enjoyed the challenge of learning an instrument. She went through a short period that she wanted to quit, but she now tells me often that she is so glad she didn't. She says it was hard for a time, but when she was made to practice more and put in the work, she found it got easier and more enjoyable. I am pleased that my daughter was able to learn a life lesson about goal setting and why you should not quit something because it is difficult. She is also learning to play a musical instrument that I feel will bring added quality to her life. Unlike sports that are for only a short period of life, playing a musical instrument is something my daughter can do when she is a grandmother. My daughter's goal is to one day play the piano for our church services. My husband and I love to hear her practicing. It brings us joy that she is able to do something that neither of us can but wish we could."

-Charlotte Byrd, Newton Grove, NC

"Our family has taken lessons at Dunn School of Music for four years. All of the instructors are professional, and our kids have excelled with their instruments. We couldn't be more pleased with Dunn School of Music!"

-Traci Richards, Dunn, NC

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